Placing the right people in the right job.

The following is an abbreviated summary of our various staffing services.


We offer a service that enables the employer to test drive a potential employee before they make a hiring decision. We all know that we can determine experience and test to establish skill levels, but we cannot determine how an individual will perform in the actual work environment. Our services help to remove variables that often cause difficult personnel issues.

At Premiere Staffing Services LLC, we have the knowledge and expertise to place the right people in the right job. When your business is short-staffed, or you just need an extra pair of hands for a short period of time, we’ll find candidates that fit your specifications. You don’t have to stress over whether or not you have enough employees at any given time, because we’ll always have your back.

Temporary Staffing

We provide temporary staff for part-time, full-time, long-term, and short-term assignments on all shifts. We provide staff with a wide range of experience and skills in light industrial, technical, and clerical work. If we do not have an individual with the specific skill you are seeking, we will recruit the person.

Place your trust in our team for the most comprehensive temporary employment services available. No matter what industry you work in, we’ll go above and beyond to locate individuals who are the perfect fit for the position. With our skillset at your disposal, you can feel confident that you’ll always have access to the most qualified employees.

Direct Hire

We offer a Direct Hire program for professional, technical, and administrative positions. We will work with your staff to gain an accurate understanding of your needs and expectations. We will do an extensive background check to ensure that every applicant fits your needs. You may participate to whatever extent you wish at any point along the process. We will handle all interview arrangements and job offers. We will negotiate fees on a retainer or contingency basis.

Take advantage of our direct hire program to find candidates that have all the qualifications you require for your open position. We handle the entire process from the initial interview to the final hiring, allowing you to sit back and relax with the assurance that your staffing needs are in the most capable hands. With our staffing services, you can worry less about finding additional staff members and focus more on your current operation.

Premiere will save you time and costs associated with advertising, recruiting, reviewing applications, background checking, interviewing, and all the phone calls that always come from applicants.

Cost Covered by
Premiere Staffing Services
Background Checks Certified Payroll
Substance Abuse Testing Workers' Compensation
Skill Testing As You Require Liability Insurance
Unemployment Insurance Payroll Taxes
Guaranteed Satisfaction


Whenever you identify an individual that you would like to hire we can put that person on our payroll for whatever term you desire. Again, customized staffing solutions are available to you. You may recruit your own personnel, and we become the employer, administrating payroll and withholdings, paying unemployment and workers' compensation. This frees you of personnel costs and issues, such as termination, should the applicant not be suitable.









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